The Art of Collaboration

The Art of Collaboration

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
                                                                – Helen Keller

The Peacock Solution

A conversation with Robbie Kaye, fine artist.
Thoughts on art, nature and philosophy.

Click above for Robbie’s interview with Phyllis Johnson from The Peacock Solution

Hello and Happy Summer!

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel to Victoria, British Columbia. It was so great to be in a new city and walk around and drink it all in. We saw whales and flowers and got to celebrate our anniversary at The Empress Hotel, where we enjoyed a delicious High Tea experience. (My husband is British!) 

Even taking photographs and documenting is a collaboration…a collaboration with the whales, the water, the foliage.

Whale Watching on the Pugent Sound

Fuscia, Butchart Gardens
This month I had the very special honor of being interviewed by Phyllis Johnson of The Peacock Solution. 

Aside from her immense knowledge of all things art, fashion and design, Phyllis publishes a daily message about the power of creativity and spiritual practice. I highly recommend signing up for it. Along with beautiful images is a brief, yet extremely poignant, reminder that starts my day with inspiration. Sign up for it HERE.

Phyllis is not only an amazing collaborator in my life, she is definitely a muse for me, expanding my realm of creativity in every way. She reminds me of the importance of collaboration, brain storming and sharing ideas. I loved it as a songwriter and I love it now…it truly is a gift we give each other… all of us.
In other news, my image, “Is the Sky the Limit?” was included in the Griffin Museum of Photography  “Vantage Point” exhibition in Boston, at the Lafayette City Center. 

You can check out that exhibit HERE
New York Streets” was included in the “Art in the Time of Corona” Vol 3 exhibit in the online exhibit at Dab
Art Gallery.
It is part of my photographic series, “Salon Chair Diaries.

You can check out that exhibit HERE
A couple of weeks ago I attended the grand opening of the The Brittany Davis Gallery in Nevada City, CA
It was great to see Brittany and meet some new artists. 

‘Road to Healing’ 6 x 12 inches, was part of the grand opening exhibition.
And speaking of healing… I am sending those of you that need it,  an extra dose of healing. Whether it’s physical or emotional or both… keep the faith and please don’t ever lose hope.

My work can also be viewed at  Kefi Art Gallery (based in Toronto, but ships everywhere!) and my website,

Remember, the world needs your positive energy!

Traveling with you,


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