Public Speaking

Raw From The Road, June 28, 2017

Public Speaking


Run from what’s comfortable. 
Forget Safety. 
Live where you fear to live. 
Destroy your reputation. 
Be notorious. 
I have tried prudent planning long enough. 
From now on I’ll be mad.

Live TV Interview with Jeanmarie Bassior on L.A. Talk Live, 2013
(My book was not yet published so I had to use a mock up I created)

Today I was asked to be interviewed by Jack Voorheis, founder of WP Managed Secure at the Impact Hub in Santa Barbara. The topic is art and entrepreneurialism.

The internal graph in my brain looks erratic… scared, excited, scared, nervous, delighted, scared… and then I remember to stop… and heed to my own advice to others when speaking publically… speak from the heart.

In 2009 I had my first interview for Beauty and Wisdom… it was a live video WebChat and it was for Growing Bolder, and if I had a dime for every “you know” and ‘um” I said, I would be closer to that second home on the beach right about now.

As my promise to myself to be more vulnerable and never to regret, HERE is the link for you to check out that video from 2009.

Wow, when I look back and think about that very first interview I still cringe, but I also smile about it and know that I did the best I could with where I was then… which is extremely inexperienced.

Wouldn’t it be great if everything we did for the first time came out perfectly and easily… just showed up and voila? But how we would know how far we’ve come?
These days, after much reading, studying, therapy and coaching, I approach these things with much more compassion for myself and others, which translates to looking at things with a ‘room to grow’ attitude.
I don’t consider myself an expert in anything, but I believe that as long as I speak from my heart and not so much my head, I can hone my skills at becoming a person who shares honestly and openly… and that… is the best I can do.I believe the work I do is important… communication through art, so it is a natural step at this time for me to start speaking more about it…the psychology of it all and the meaning it plays in my life… art, that is…and no doubt, life, plays a part in my work in art and music.My fellow Cabal sister, Katrina Gorman, recently posted in our group a request for the rest of us to throw out suggestions for her to do what would completely throw her out of her comfort zone.  It took a couple of suggestions to finally make her feel …. challenged.
She was going big!
Inspired by her and her request, I started thinking about things that might invite me to step outside my comfort zone too… and lo and behold, here it is.
I’m following in her foot steps and welcoming the challenge.
Stay tuned for the link of the interview which takes place on July 6th.
Um, I’m really excited to share the discoveries I’ve collected so far… in life, in art and the psychology of it all. You know?
And it’s a bonus that I will be discussing it all with Jack, a successful and insightful entrepreneur.
Care to join me in stepping outside the comfort zone?
Love and light on your path… always.

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