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Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.

Pablo Picasso

Because I am so grateful for your subscription to “Raw From the Road” I am releasing this news to you first, before I post it on social media tonight. (not the awards, they’ve been posted, but keep reading…)

I am delighted to have my work selected for the Aqua online exhibit for Envision Arts. See the exhibit HERE. Thank you to those of you who gave me your ‘picks’ to help me choose which images to submit.


To have my photograph chosen from 1 of 20 women artists from around the world is an incredible honor. This is particularly meaningful for me as the work is from my DeConstruction project, which is still in progress. See the full WABGNET Virtual Reality Exhibit HERE. It runs until August, 2020.

You’re the First Ones To Know!

This past year I started working on a new and different project, “Life on the Road,” thanks partly to my grandson who is an avid matchbox and hotwheels car collector.

With so many projects going at the time, I decided, with the guidance of a friend and art gallery director, to use a pseudonym, RJ Kydd.

Read the story about this project HERE at and see the collection of scenes from Life on the Road. Each piece is created with acrylic paint, resin, cars (some which are limited edition and collectibles) and some pieces have details.

See if you can guess what movie or historical event the scene is depicting when you visit the website or click on the button below for the pdf. 

I’m happy to share that I’ve already sold one of these pieces (Stopped Short) to a happy collector.

I’m only announcing this project now, under my real name, because I thought it’s a great option with dad’s day coming up…to gift a collectable piece of artwork that’s different than the traditional painting. After Father’s day, I will go back to posting for this project only on the RJ Kydd Instagram Account, which you can see HERE.

I truly feel like the works I create are just pages of the diary of my life. Thank you for being on this road with me and sharing the journey. It’s not always easy, but it sure is adventurous. Wishing you so much peace… in your heart… in your mind…. in every breath you take.

Soon, we will all be out on the road again…traveling through this beautiful experience we call life… 

Love and Light, Robbie


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