Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

Anais Nin
Aftermath – Turn on the volume and enjoy the 1.5 minute video!

It’s Spring! Flowers, trees and people are blooming despite the pandemic and covid19.  No doubt, life has been a roller coaster but when is it not?

We do what we can to help our loved ones, those who are helping others, our community and help the ones who can’t help themselves.  

Then… we focus on what we need to do to keep going…keep growing.

We Drove To The Beach, 8×10, $325

These past couple of months have invited me to become more quiet and introspective. I’ve done a ton of soul searching, grieving, accepting and letting go and though nothing is perfect, I find myself now showing up with more love more light and… more artwork!

I’ve been working on a new collection, “Aftermath.”  These pieces represent the shift in energy that follows the ‘deep dive’ into oneself. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the result and the creative transformation.

Pieces from “Aftermath” collection. See the entire new collection HERE.

I was so very honored to be the recipient of this award from the Tall Sequoia Gallery, curated by art consultant and curator, Liza Zhurkovskaya. This image is available to purchase. It is printed on aluminum, 20 x 30 and ready to hang!

Dad’s day is coming and Kefi Art Gallery is offering a great promotion for the 2 photographs below, also printed on aluminum, 20 x 30.

They are $100 less than regular cost!!
They are exclusively available at Kefi Art GalleryGO HERE to order yours now… this promotion will be for the first person to purchase. After, these will be available to order, but I can’t promise they will be printed on time for Dad’s day… but if you order these before June 19, the discount will still be honored.

Sundown, Big Sur, 20 x 30, Print on Metal
Solitude in August, 20 x 30 Print on Metal,

In other news, I was interviewed by Liza and Kefi Art Gallery for their new blog, “One day in a Studio.” I loved the provocative questions I was asked and enjoyed thinking about my answers.  Read One Day in a Studio Interview HERE.

I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Asian Curator and you can read that interview here.

I will be hosting an open studio tour within the next two months so stay tuned for that!  I’ll do it on zoom or do a LIVE on IG or FB…. 

For now, stay well and healthy and if you can, take a little time for yourself to be quiet…enjoy the stillness.

If you do check out  Aftermath please let me know what you think!

Love and light,


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