Robbie Kaye, Photographer, Artist, Author and Musician

Robbie Kaye

As a classically trained pianist, who later studied jazz and played rock and roll, Robbie Kaye comes to photography looking for visual melodies. Just as music can take you on a journey, make you laugh and cry and touch the deepest part of your soul so can a photograph. She is attracted to subjects that convey harmony as well as dissonance and is a storyteller who looks for visual narratives that define a place in time. Drawn to finding beauty in unexpected places, Robbie intends to intrigue, inspire, and evoke a reaction from the viewer and is a champion of the overlooked and sees her photography as a way to contribute beauty, create change and give exposure to societal issues.


Robbie is originally from New York, has lived in Portland, OR and now resides in California with her husband and two dogs, Nico and Luna. Her work has been exhibited internationally.  Her work has been exhibited at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, MA as well as galleries in Portland, OR, London, Seattle, Spain and Los Angeles. Robbie’s work has been featured in Marie Claire, Italy,,  Mashable, Gourmet, Linda and Allure Magazines and many other publications including More Magazine. Robbie has authored numerous guest posts on the Internet and has appeared on L.A. Talk Live, Growing Bolder WebTV and Connecticut Live Radio. 

Robbie is the author of several books including “Beauty and Wisdom” “Cracked”, “Las Cruces” and “Endurance.  She is the co-author of Rendezvous with Light, a collaboration with California Poet Laureate, Carol Muske Dukes and the author of Beauty and Wisdom.

Robbie’s work is currently represented by The Brittany Davis Gallery in Ojai, CA and welcomes commissions via email, FB or Instagram.